Weekend reading: Street food, cuddling, and assholes

It’s Chinese New Year on Monday! 2012 is (going to be) the Year of the Dragon. It’ll be rung in by families setting off fireworks all night long. If you want to know why, check out this video from the cheeky folks at NMA.tv. 
Thanks Ed Chadwick!

Cuddling isn’t just necessary for health and sanity, it’s a reason to party. Let expert cuddler, engaging writer and real man Dave Johns take you on a personal journey through the history and science of cuddling. 
Does Facebook change the way you interact with the world even when you’re not logged on? Folks at The Atlantic think so.
Ever wonder just how much more of an asshole someone who holds forth on single malt scotches and cigars is than someone who pontificates on wine? Then you need to get familiar with the Asshole Correlation Index (ACI). 
Thanks basykes!
Remember chasing down a moving ice cream truck as kids? What if you have to chase down your lunch? Brick-and-mortar restaurant lobbies are leaning on the Washington, D.C. administration to see that the anachronistic ice cream truck regulations governing food trucks are enforced: trucks stopped without a line of customers waiting will be fined and after 17 offenses, the operator can lose their license entirely. Check it out at Forbes.com
You shouldn’t be indiscriminately praising kids for breathing because it will turn them into self-satisfied, underachieving, overconfident Generation YouTubers
Add a little sexy to your weekend with the incomparable, utterly inflammable Thao Nguyen. This video isn’t new, but if you haven’t heard this tune, you really ought to. Dance a little and see if you don’t feel like a million-dollar stripper.

As for me and my weekend, I’ll checking out a local winery and hosting a Chinese New Year hotpot dinner. 新年快乐!
Share any links or weekend plans below. Xoxo!

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