The best day in the life of me

I have been participating with a couple hundred other women in this awesome program called the The Reinvention Project. It was launched by the very enthusiastic Paige Lysaight of Virginia Health Coaching. She enlisted a handful of remarkable women as guest lecturers including‘s Stacy Spensley,‘s Melissa Lanz, and my personal favorite, Sarah Von, blogger exceptionelle at
All the talks have so far been both encouraging and challenging. Listening to motivated, successful women talk about about how they made brave changes and worked hard to get where they are today is like coffee for my soul.
My favorite talk so far has been the interview with Sarah on creating your dream life. She managed to convert her experiences traveling and working into a very cool career as a full-time blogger and generally creative person. I can’t say that I want to be her (because that is not only creepy but also I’ve loved the road that brought me to where I am today, which happens to be a lovely place), but it’s nice having a positive example like her laying just on the outskirts of my daily existence.

Thanks jsorbieus!
Every lecture comes with a couple of exercises to help us focus on taking small steps toward positive change. For Sarah’s lecture, I had to think about what my perfect day would look like as a step toward imagining a perfect life. Here’s what I came up with: 
I wake up from my firm cot where I sleep in my hut on the beach. It’s barely dawn as I walk down to the ocean for a quick skinny dip with my English bulldog, Pixie, by my side. Once the sun has risen, I wrap myself in a silky sarong and walk back to the hut where Dang, my Thai houseboy, has poured me a steamy cup of coffee. I sip it while reading books on Chinese anthropology. Dang rubs my shoulders while my banana pancakes sizzle in the pan. The smell of breakfast cooking rouses my sleepy pony, Stormy, who peeks her head in my kitchen window in search of her breakfast apples.

Thanks texascooking!

After breakfast, Pixie and Stormy lounge in the grass by the porch, where I’m typing from my perch on an overstuffed chair. I’m working on my journal-memoir detailing my latest fling with Jake Gyllenhaal/Ryan Gosling/Jason Statham/Seal (now that’s he available), the third in a series that has been selling remarkably well. Before you know it, it’s time for my Chinese lesson.  My tutor, Taiwanese superstar Wang Lee Hom, arrives with worksheets and a basket of fresh tropical fruit. After an hour session, we break for a lunch of sashimi and nachos.

Exhausted by the morning’s exertions, Pixie and I cuddle up for a quick afternoon nap. When I wake up, the hottest part of the day is over. I get dressed and slide a saddle on Stormy. We take off into the forest, leaving Pixie barking and whining in our wake. We’re on our way to the waterfall where the baby deer come to drink at 4 p.m. I take pictures and post them to my Facebook album “Cutest ever baby deers!!!” When I get back, Dang’s left for the night, but there’s a pot of curry still warm on the stove. I fix myself a bowl and sit down to watch the channel that only plays Misfits, Skins and other quality British programming.

Thanks cheesy42!

My agent comes over after dinner with a couple bottles of wine. We watch French movies and drink wine in the hot tub until she leaves at a time that is neither too early, leaving me feeling disappointed, or too late, leaving me feeling resentful. I lay in bed and look at the stars through the skylight until I fall asleep with Pixie at my feet.

Now that I’ve visualized my perfect day, I can start taking small steps toward making my dreams a reality. I’ll start by budgeting for domestic help. What does your perfect day look like?


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