Zardoz: Why Sean Connery is wearing a red diaper

My friends and I have started a weird movie night series. The inaugural film was Sean Connery’s 1974 scifi? weirdness Zardoz.
I don’t recommend this movie, especially not if your sober and definitely not if you’re alone. We made it through because we were bound together by friendship, respect, and a shared inertia. Also the host provided chips and salsa and I will never leave while there’s still salsa.
It wanted to be profound, but the outdated special effects and the wardrobe choices were very distracting. Everyone who wasn’t a hairy, well-muscled man in a red loincloth (think 300 but when body hair was cool) was wearing crocheted tops and floral pants of the variety expats wear on the beach in Thailand when they don’t expect to run into anyone from back home.
This was easily the strangest movie I’d seen, but as it turned out, the plot rested on a pretty mundane observation about human life. If you’re interested in weirding out friends and family, you can get it from Netflix.
What’s the weirdest movie you’ve ever seen? When did you watch it? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

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