Weekend reading: Packing light, dream houses, and a USB shot glass

Pretty much every woman I want to be has at one point put everything she owned on Craigslist to travel the world for a year, so I loved Smith Schwartz as soon as I read her Well-Designed Travel post on Apartment Therapy. She made it three months in South America with like three t-shirts and five dresses. Adorable dresses. I have to confess that I have never packed that light except for maybe a weekend trip to Pittsburgh to see the fam. Oh also, she’s a photographer.

The Smith suitcase in all its pretty efficiency! 

Chinese New Year is over, but I really enjoyed this article about Chinese cuisine in England and how it’s evolving from General Tso’s slop and chips to dishes with recognizable roots in Chinese regional fare. I know I can find good Sichuanese stuff in bigger cities, but not everyone has got the memo in the U.S. 
I finally found my demographic! I would exclusively watch TV online if I could, but when boyfriend and I started dating, he actually had cable. And I didn’t get it, because there were lots of commercials, you had to watch your shows on a schedule (no TiVo for this little Luddite of mine), and it was really expensive. But here I am! I totally hate Two and a Half Men and I love watching Modern Family on Hulu! And now the difference between people who watch TV online and the suckers who watch it on the telly is going to be like the difference between people who shop at Target and those who shop at Walmart. (Yeah, not really there, but still a good way to draw a pretentious line between you and “those people”.) 
Looking for creative ways to get back in the black after the holidays? Here are some tips on increasing your cash flow by rearranging your office furniture from the ladies at my favorite financial advice site, LearnVest. That’s right: feng shui can make you rich. And yes, I will implement some of the steps. Boyfriend already has an OSU banner hanging in our office, and I will let it stay there without protest because it’s red and therefore lucky. Boom. 
Five women who are too cool for any man you know. And the men know it, too. And a slideshow of female boxers who could kick their asses. In pink sequins. 
From WSJ
Holy dream house, Batman! So the WSJ is asking Scene Asia readers to choose between a mansion-hut on the beaches of a sparsely populated (but soon to be rampant with rich people) island in Thailand, a mansion-cabin in the mountains of Japan, and a magnificent “two houses in one” in Hong Kong. Personally, I was torn. I’ve always imagined myself and a dozen of my closest millionaire girlfriends lounging on the edge of my infinity pool beside the ocean on a private island in Thailand, but I love Hong Kong and not even sharp, modern edges can push me away. Besides, all that black and white would just match my clothes. Wait, I’d probably have to get new clothes. 
Shut. Up. This USB shot glass comes with it’s own Power Hour playlist of sixty short songs written by graphic designer by day, musician at night Ali Spagnola. A CMU alumna, she’s positioning the device, which comes on a lanyard, as the “fanny pack of shot glasses.” I’d like to get one because I imagine it’d be a great way to foster closeness between me and my work friends.


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