Valentine’s Day 2012 Brought to You by Wine and Chocolate

My expectations for Valentine’s Day this year are really high. I am anticipating the best Valentine’s Day ever, but it’s going to have to top Saturday, which was the best pre-Valentine’s Day ever. We went to two local wineries, did a cheese pairing and had a pot of chocolate fondue (proposed new house rule: everything we eat must be dipped in melted chocolate before consumption), then made dinner together and finished off a bottle of Viognier.

Wine and chocolate fondue at Wisteria Farm and Vineyard

As far as V-Day is concerned, we’re going for a wine and chocolate tasting and then he’s cooking me dinner. And he’s going to give me a present. I had unilaterally decided we shouldn’t buy each other Valentine’s Day gifts since we are planning to spend quite a lot of money on tickets to the Virginia Wine Expo and an analysis and tasting course at Piedmont Valley Community College. However, boyfriend is very indulgent toward me (he’s a “keeper”) and downright stubborn, so he would not be deterred. I am giving him a set of Ohio State football wine charms that I found on Etsy. He is going to lose his mind.

From The Buckeye Lady‘s Etsy shop

Valentine’s Day last year fell on a Friday, and while I’d heard there was a big to-do at the local dance spot, I was happy to sit at home alone and revel in the fact that I was employed after six months of being otherwise. I probably had chips and salsa and watched my stories on Hulu. I don’t really remember it, so all in all, it couldn’t have been my worst Valentine’s Day ever.

Thus, my worst Valentine’s Day ever remains VD 2004, the year I found out that my college boyfriend was cheating on me (again!), so I ran up a credit card bill buying myself chocolates, balloons, and flowers. I was on some mission to treat myself well because to prove that I was worth it, but when my fabulous roommate came home and I had to admit to her that I’d gotten all those gifts for myself, I mostly felt lonely and narcissistic.

The moral of that story: if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, watch some TV and go to bed early. It might just be another Hallmark holiday, but it’s about romance, and buying yourself some chocolates as an expression of self-love will only end badly. You might end up seducing yourself, but when you wake up all alone, you’re going to feel used and sad.

If you’re not excited about Valentine’s Day this year, here’s a cute video to cheer you up. There is always next year. Or next month. Or tomorrow. You never know. But as long as we’re on the subject, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year? Or better yet, what happened on your worst Valentine’s Day ever?


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