Turning off the TV

When I think about how to spend my time and money, I’m thinking about my goals and values more and more. I have been working on my budget with a financial expert at LearnVest and looking really hard at where my money goes and where I should be putting it–as in how I want to use it and not just where it ends up.
Thanks .reid.
I was reluctant to cancel my Hulu subscription because it was only $7.99 a month, but then my unused Skritter subscription was only $9.99 a month and an unused feature of my phone plan was another $9.99, and I realized that was another $28 a month that could be going toward my savings and my goals instead of being spent on idle entertainment. I’d already gotten J to cancel his cable subscription when we moved into the new place, just by pointing out that he was spending nearly $100 a month to watch Big Bang Theory reruns and occasional sports games.
When it came down to it, it was easy to see what was pure fat in my budget. I looked over my expenses and just asked myself what is necessary and what will move me closer to my goals. And if something on the list couldn’t stand up for itself–like my Hulu subscription–then it had to get gone.
I think the very forthright L. Marie Joseph at First Generation White Collar put it best when she quoted Les Brown, a wise man who apparently said, “You should not watch T.V. until you have 3 months of expenses in the bank.”
And while I’ve always thought of TV content as being rather stultifying and I’ve believed that sitting in front of the TV not talking to the person next to you as pretty alienating, LearnVest assistant editor Alden Wicker came up with still five more reasons TV sucks:
  1. Cable subscriptions are really expensive.
  2. You feel compelled to have the same clothes and gear as the people on TV, which is expensive.
  3. TV ads are designed to get you to want things you didn’t even know existed.
  4. [It makes you dumb, which I already realized.]
  5. [It’s bad for your social life, which I already realized.]
  6. It sucks up your sleep.
  7. Sitting on your ass eating cheesy puffs and watching TV is crazy unhealthy.
And basically, you don’t hear Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, or Sean Ogle asking anyone if they’re caught up on Parks and Recreation.
With one decision, I’ve saved myself time, money, and calories. I wish it were always this easy!

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